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Sump Pump, Weeping Tile and Downspout (Disconnect and Discharge)

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Set the rain barrels you wish to connect up on platforms so gravity increases the water pressure and makes it easier for water to flow into the barrels. The first barrel — connected to the.

Ensure grade slopes away from your house Disconnect Downspouts and Weeping Tiles Downspouts should not be buried into the ground, should not be connected into the weeping tile system and should not be connected to your sanitary private drain connection PDC. Similarly, your weeping tiles should not connect to your sanitary PDC. The City is trying to reduce the amount of storm water that is making its way into the sanitary sewer system. Downspout Disconnect If your downspouts go into the ground you should disconnect them and revise them to allow the water draining from your roof to drain ONTO the ground, not INTO the ground.

Do it yourself instructions: Cut the downspout above where it enters the ground and discard the piece you cut off. Put a cap on the pipe that goes into the ground. Rubber caps can be purchased at your local hardware store, in different sizes. Secure the cap with a simple hose clamp.

Rain Barrel with no Gutters

The latter gets their soap delivered that way and if you think about it, well rinsed soap barrels are about as clean as you can get. If shelling out a few Washingtons, Craigslist always seems to have a few in our area. There are many styles of barrel, but I prefer the closed lid variety as it basically eliminates any chance for mosquitoes.

Most rain barrels are constructed from gallon food grade plastic barrels, so a good rain can easily fill more than one. Connecting two barrels in a series to double storage capacity is a.

If you’ve ever thought about building a rain barrel for your garden, look no further. Nathan provides clear instructions and lots of lovely photos which were taken by yours truly. Take it away, Nathan! Rain barrels collect rainfall and store it, so that it can be used later. There are 3 main components – The roof, the barrel, and the hose. These are not always a roof, barrel, and hose, but those functions will be present in almost every system collection, storage, and output.

A very common setup is to place barrels under gutters and fill watering cans with the water as needed. Our system will use a small awning as our roof our gardens and barrels are located a bit away from the house , a barrel for each garden bed, and a soaker hose that runs into each bed from the barrel. Here’s how we made the barrels. The most important thing about the barrels is that they hold water, and they never held anything bad.

In Texas we could get 55 gallon blue plastic barrels from the Coca-cola bottling plant – they were used to transport soda syrup. Up here in North Carolina we got them from an independent farm supply store, and they were used originally to ship pickled cucumbers from Asia to America.

Drought or not, saving rain is easy with a barrel | The Sacramento Bee

Ironically, water literally falls out of the sky in the form of rain. Ben works professionally in video production, and has an associate degree in Multimedia design. I do have a library card, internet access and a socket set. You would be amazed what you can do with those things. The IBC was modified to let water in, with a grate on top, and a screen to filter out smaller debris and bugs.

A rain barrel is a container that collects runoff from your home’s gutter system, connecting to the downspout with a rain diverter or fitting under a modified downspout. A spigot or hose connector lets you drain the water for use around your landscape. Rain barrels provide an alternative to using municipal water or well water for irrigation.

I wanted something that would store a a large volume of water that can be used in the garden during the long periods without rain. In other words, I wanted to add to it over time to make it larger for storing more water for even longer dry spells. The barrels I used were black gallon drums with clamp on lids. Here are the details for building the system: I began the project by selecting a location. The place I picked is on the back side of my deck. Cinder Blocks stacked for Rain Barrels Once I decided on this location, I leveled the ground where the barrels will be placed.

Things have to be nice and level since the barrels will be placed upon a stack of cinder blocks. The purpose of the blocks is to elevate the barrels as much as possible while still keeping them stable. The higher the barrels are, the more water pressure will be produced at ground level. I decided to build the stack of cinder blocks 3-high. Leveled ground for rain barrels I placed the blocks in a triangular configuration so that the most contact was maintained between the barrels and the blocks.

I also made sure there was a space between the blocks for the plumbing to be placed.

How to Connect More Than One Rain Barrel

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Connect barrels in a series so the barrels act as a single unit—Measure 2” from the bottom on each barrel. Mark with a line. Using the hole saw, drill a hole using the ” hole saw at the line.

Posted on February 10, by Lou Murray, Ph. I have to confess that I have no plumbing or irrigation skills. It took me forever to figure out how to connect three rain barrels in series. My water barrels all had male outlets on their spigots. One connects female adapters, such as are found on the end of garden hoses, to the male outlets. I did know one thing about plumbing. There are male ends and female ends. The male end fits into the female end.

I bought some female hose connectors at Home Depot.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your First Rain Barrel

All the same, there are some conditions about modern life you need to be aware of regarding your attempts to recycle rainwater. Rain contains dissolved air pollutants from factories and highways. It carries and dissolves dust, pollen, molds, decaying plant matter, and roofing material from your roof and gutters. First thing you will need is a convenient location.

Whether you make your own rain barrel or purchase a complete rain collection system, it is necessary to hook it up to your gutter downspout. Hooking it up properly lets the rain flow in while keeping the water free from pests like mosquitoes.

Next Page great replacement hose This hose fit perfectly from our rain barrel to our downspout. The old hose got damaged in the hail and this was just the right size to replace it. Quick shipping and a fantastic price. Rebecca Oliver on 13th Aug flex-fit diverter fill hose price could be better, for the individual cost to manufacture, but worth adding to an existing order, for minimal impact on shipping cost, as a spare, since one had already broken.

Unknown on 10th May perfect replacement I ordered this to replace the broken one on my rain barrel. It arrived very promptly and is the exact right size. The previous one lasted about 5 years, so pretty sturdy. Unknown on 16th Nov Gives you many barrel placement options I have 7 rain barrels. Four are clustered near my garden at the house corner and the others are placed around the rest of the house. The hoses are very versatile to allow a barrel to be placed farther away from the downspout if needed..

Other than removing the diverter in the winter, I leave everything else intact. These hoses hold up great season after season.

How to Connect More Than One Rain Barrel

Ask Question Step 2: Attaching the Faucets 1. Begin by using the utility knife to cut a hole in the trash can for the faucet several inches from the bottom of the can. The rubber washers will keep any of your harvested rain water from leaking out of your rain barrel, but be careful not to make the hole too big.

Thread the metal washer onto the faucet first then the rubber washer. The rubber washer should be andwiched between the metal washer and the side of the trash can.

3. Don’t rely on the hoses, spigot, clamp, washers, and nuts packaged with many rain barrels. The quality is notoriously poor. You’ll have the most flexibility if you choose a .

However, the 55 gallon barrel will fill up and overflow with even a small bout of rain. The good news is, you can capture and store more rain water, either in your landscape by digging a rain garden, or inside additional rain barrels. Connect two rain barrels together in a series to double your harvest! This is a simple project, and there are two methods for how to accomplish it.

Install your first rain barrel. If you need a reminder, follow these instructions linked below for how to install a rain barrel.

How to install and use a rain barrel (with added slow-drainage cap)