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Salerno , Salerno , Campania , Italy, since In fiction and popular culture[ edit ] This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject’s impact on popular culture rather than simply listing appearances; add references to reliable sources if possible.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Rouen Cathedral is the subject of a series of paintings by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet , who painted the same scene at different times of the day.

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I, Canto i et De Or. Dame, based on the edition by L. Wetmore Ad familiares , L. I et II , poursuivie par A. Textes latins, introduction en anglais. Additamentum ad apparatum criticum, p. Wilkins, De inventione de Eduard Stroebel et de 2nd ed. Ad Herennium de Friedrich Marx.

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Renseignements exclusivement sur internet: Avec qui partir en vacances quand on n’a pas d’amoureux se? BE – par Anne-Catherine de Neve [ Le Figaro et vous [

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The etymology of Vesontio is uncertain. The most common explanation is that the name is of Celtic origin, derived from wes, meaning ‘mountain’. During the Bronze Age , c. From the 1st century BC through the modern era, the town had a significant military importance because the Alps rise abruptly to its immediate south, presenting a significant natural barrier.

The Sequani controlled access to the Rhine River and had built an oppidum a fortified town at Vesontio to protect their interests. The Sequani defeated and massacred the Haedui at the Battle of Magetobriga , with the help of the Arverni tribe and the Germanic Suebi tribe under the Germanic king Ariovistus. Julius Caesar , in his commentaries detailing his conquest of Gaul , describes Vesontio possibly Latinized , as the largest town of the Sequani , a smaller Gaulic tribe, and mentions that a wooden palisade surrounded it.

The locals retain their ancient heritage referring to themselves as Bisontins feminine: It has been an archbishopric since the 4th century. In , the Treaty of Verdun divided up Charlemagne ‘s empire.

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Pinterest Welcome to KatieTraxler. In addition to my weekly Pre-K through 5th grade music classes, I also teach chorus, two recorder ensembles, an Orff ensemble, and guitar and ukulele classes. I help manage and support our after school youth orchestra violin and cello classes through the Orchestra of St. Glad you came to visit my website. There are different menus above depending on if you are visiting as a fellow educator, a PS 51 Parent, or one of my many fabulous little musicians!

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The first known hominid settlements in the Nice area date back about , years; [9] the Terra Amata archeological site shows one of the earliest uses of fire, construction of houses, and flint findings dated to around , years ago. The city soon became one of the busiest trading ports on the Ligurian coast; but it had an important rival in the Roman town of Cemenelum [ citation needed ], which continued to exist as a separate city until the time of the Lombard invasions.

The ruins of Cemenelum are in Cimiez , now a district of Nice. In the city repulsed the Saracens ; but in and again in the Saracens pillaged and burned it, and for most of the 10th century remained masters of the surrounding country. During the Middle Ages , Nice participated in the wars and history of Italy. As an ally of Pisa it was the enemy of Genoa , and both the King of France and the Holy Roman Emperor endeavoured to subjugate it; but in spite of this it maintained its municipal liberties.

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History of Rouen and Timeline of Rouen Rouen was founded by the Gaulish tribe of the Veliocasses , who controlled a large area in the lower Seine valley. They called it Ratumacos; the Romans called it Rotomagus. It was considered the second city of Gallia Lugdunensis after Lugdunum Lyon itself. Under the reorganization of Diocletian , Rouen was the chief city of the divided province Gallia Lugdunensis II and reached the apogee of its Roman development, with an amphitheatre and thermae of which foundations remain.

In the 5th century, it became the seat of a bishopric and later a capital of Merovingian Neustria. From their first incursion into the lower valley of the Seine in , the Normans overran Rouen. From , Rouen was the capital of the Duchy of Normandy and residence of the local dukes , until William the Conqueror moved his residence to Caen. In , Rouen received its founding charter which permitted self-government. During the 12th century, Rouen was the site of a yeshiva.

A textile industry developed based on wool imported from England, for which the cities of Flanders and Brabant were constantly competitors, and finding its market in the Champagne fairs. Rouen also depended for its prosperity on the river traffic of the Seine, on which it enjoyed a monopoly that reached as far upstream as Paris. In the 14th century urban strife threatened the city: Philip IV reimposed order and suppressed the city’s charter and the lucrative monopoly on river traffic, but he was quite willing to allow the Rouennais to repurchase their old liberties in


A VAAC report issued about five hours later noted that no further notices of activity had been received. As of the and 19th of April sulfur odor was detected from the rifugio and according to visual observation the main fumarole close the ‘crater was more active that the previous days. As of the 20th of April, two phreatic explosions occurred at 5:

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Philip Walsh, baptized in Dublin in , built several men-of-war for the French service. James Walsh was a captain in the French navy, and it was on board his ship that James II fled from Kinsale to France in , after the former King’s unsuccesful bid to reclaim the throne of England. This page tells some of that story. The French government was apprised of Prince Charles’s intentions, and though the French ministers were not disposed openly to sanction an enterprise which they were not at the time in a condition to support, they secretly favoured a design, which, whatever might be its result, would operate as a diversion in favour of France.

Accordingly, Lord Clare, afterwards Marshal Thomond , then a lieutenant-general in the French service, was authorised to open a negotiation with two merchants of Irish extraction, named Rutledge and Walsh, who had made some money by trading to the West Indies. Lord Clare having introduced Prince Charles to Ruttledge and Walsh, explained the prince’s design, and proposed that they should lend him their ships.

When informed that everything was in readiness for his departure, Charles went to Nantes, near the mouth of the Loire, in disguise, and having descended the Loire in a fishing boat on the 20th of June, O.

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We have reviewed more than articles and sources on hail research in Europe. Abstract Severe thunderstorms associated with large hail are among the most important perils in several European regions. Due to the local-scale extent of hail-affected areas and a lack of appropriate observing systems in most regions, hailstorms are not captured accurately and comprehensively, which makes statistical analysis of their frequency or climatology more difficult.

Various studies have been conducted so far to describe and analyze the frequency of hailstorms or related impacts. These studies, however, refer to a wide range of spatial scales and consider different time periods, investigation methods, or hailstone diameters.

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These versatile buildings are available in an almost unlimited selection of sizes, shapes and styles. Whether building it yourself from scratch, assembling from a kit, or contracting for one to be built for you, carefully consider your needs before getting started. Not only are these sheds great as the traditional garden or storage shed, they can be adapted and turned into portable office buildings, playhouses and even a summer beach house.

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If your foundation is not sufficient to support or level the shed, you have wasted your time and money.

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