He tried to get joint custody of his two young children but was defeated in court and went the way of other divorced dads in Japan i. After some mental health issues and a string of failed relationships, Houchen decided that he was through with Japan and vice versa. The book bears some similarity to Black Passenger, Yellow Cabs , previously reviewed here. Houchen and his wife now live in Atlanta. His book — a hefty page volume packed with explosive sex scenes and lengthy, soul seaching monologue, came out this month via a self-publishing company in New York. Houchen hopes the book will provide a passage back to Japan that will lead to a reunion with his kids.

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But how do you become Dutch, do you ask? But what is the process on how to get Dutch citizenship? And can I even apply anyway? You can apply via option procedure — lived in the Netherlands continuously since childhood If you have lived in the Netherlands for 5 years straight — naturalisation If one or both of your parents is Dutch this includes adoption The most complicated of them all is Dutch citizenship by naturalisation and most likely what you are looking to read on this article as it probably applies to you.

There are many different conditions you need to meet before you can apply via this way:

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Boris Johnson is serious about London – Telegraph 10 February In reference to his cosmopolitan ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a “one-man melting pot” — with a combination of Muslims , Jews and Christians comprising his great-grandparentage. Johnson was born in New York City , [7] but his family returned to Britain soon afterwards, as his mother had yet to take her Oxford University final exams.

As a child, Boris Johnson suffered from severe deafness and had to undergo several operations to have grommets inserted in his ears and was reported to have been rather quiet as a child. I’d rather read Boris than your sad invective. A simple way to keep law and order — make everyone kiss and cuddle – Telegraph 10 February Along with David Cameron he was a member of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club , a student dining society known for its raucous feasts. General] [10] In he married Allegra Mostyn-Owen but the marriage was dissolved in Within a year he was sacked for falsifying a quotation from his godfather, Colin Lucas , later vice-chancellor of Oxford University.

He served as assistant editor from to In a recording of a telephone conversation was made public revealing a plot by a friend to physically assault a News of the World journalist. There was no evidence that Boris intended to provide information that would facilitate the assault of the journalist, even though he promised under pressure to provide this information. General] His association with The Spectator began as political columnist from to In he became editor of The Spectator, where he stayed until December upon being appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education.

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I’ve made a five day itinerary for NYC with advice on what to see and eat mostly in Manhattan for all budgets. The Big Apple has so much to offer year-round, so most of these tips can be also used over the holidays. Feel free to pick from the days and activities , but keep in mind that New York City is BIG, so you change up this itinerary, you might have a lengthy train or taxi ride between places.

2. Go bungee jumping over the IJ at the Faralda Crane Hotel. Don’t want to make the trip to the pier at Scheveningen beach in The Hague?This clever and high-profile new(ish) NDSM hotel has moved.

As the Dutch lose interest in antiques, prices drop and savvy shoppers benefit from increased selection and lower prices. As a non-Dutch speaker, going to an auction seems to be a daunting affair. Go to viewings and peruse the catalogues in advance. If serious about buying, ask that your lot be sold in English. Next on your list should be De Looier Antique Mall at Elandsgracht , which has a decidedly more casual feel and significantly lower prices.

My favourite place to shop in Amsterdam is the Nine Little Streets. The district was built in the 17th centrury to house the craft and guild workers outside of the original town centre. My favourite home decorating store which has a smattering of vintage items, reproductions and antiques is De Weldaad at Reestraat 1. They specialise in French and Swedish country style.

I do not like the flea markets in Amsterdam. I picked up an art deco bronze for a third of its value. Sundays May to October head to Nieuwmarkt, similar to the Noodermarkt, to do casual browsing. On a sunny afternoon, take a coffee at In de Waag, housed in a part of the former city wall where Rembrandt used to lurk.

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De Paap in The Hague. In the first years of its existence, the club endured some difficult times as many members refused to pay their fees and the sport of cricket was more popular in the city. That year they promoted to the 3rd level 3e klasse NVB and two years later they even earned the championship on that level. After moving to the Zuiderpark stadium in , ADO continued to grow to a club of some significance.

Aug 25,  · Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to .

The former is especially popular with expat families; the quiet neighbourhood here is home to some of the best schools in the area, as well as plenty of doorstop attractions like shops, a pool and a cinema to keep the whole family entertained. The latter is also popular, though is much quieter in comparison. Where to live in the Netherlands: Subsequently, demand for expat housing here is high — particularly given that the area also comprises some beautiful parks and gardens hidden amongst the city centre.

Where to live for work in the Netherlands If a job is high on your priority list when considering where to live in the Netherlands then Nieuwegein in Utrecht is a great place to start. Another bonus is the plentiful supply of housing here, with styles and budgets to suit almost every taste and range. Alternatively, you might want to focus your search on Stadsdriehoek in Rotterdam. House prices are typically reflective of the demand to live here and while there is a mixture of properties to suit all needs you should be aware that parking here is limited, with permits required for most spaces.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

Feb 15,  · From his bungalow on the side of a hill in western Jamaica, Willie Thompson surveys the same lush valley that one of his great-great-grandmothers was forced to .

By arttrav on Mar 18, with 8 Comments Probably the main reason that I write about experiencing art through travel is that being brought to museums in Europe as a child is what got me interested in art in the first place. My mom and I often have discussed the issue: The occasion for this reflection is the Italy Blogging Roundtable , a monthly series in which we write articles on a shared topic.

Authenticity in art and travel Authenticity is something of a catch-word in tourism: Authentication, and thus placement within the canon of art and art history, is connected to economic value as well as cultural value: My definition is quite precise: These are two works that are famous, that we regularly see in reproduction; that we might admire academically but that you just need to stand in front of and get into a dialogue with them to fully appreciate their power.

Reproduction does not do it justice. In both cases I remember being literally arrested in front of them.

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The escalation comes as a direct response to what the Government is convinced was a gas attack perpetrated by Syrian forces on a civilian district of Damascus last Wednesday. The Assad regime has been under mounting pressure to allow United Nations inspectors on to the site to establish who was to blame for the atrocity. One international agency said it had counted at least people dead and 3, injured following the attack, while reports suggested the true death toll could be as high as 1, Syrian state media accused rebel forces of using chemical agents, saying some government soldiers had suffocated as a result during fighting.

After days of delay, the Syrian government finally offered yesterday to allow a team of UN inspectors access to the area.

The most complicated of them all is Dutch citizenship by naturalisation and most likely what you are looking to read on this article as it probably applies to you.

Ask any Dutchie about Canada especially those in their senior years and they will surely praise the liberation efforts of the Canadian troops. The liberation of the Netherlands was no small feat, with some 8, Canadian soldiers losing their lives on Dutch soil. The British, American, French and Polish also assisted the liberation in various parts of the Netherlands. Dutch Canadian relationship is strong Prior to the liberation however, Dutch Canadian relations were already strong.

The Dutch royal family sought refuge in Canada during the war. In fact, we Canadians could have even claimed Princess Margriet as our own, as she was born in Ottawa during the royal exile. I do have to wonder if there were any other babies born that day in the same maternity suite who might still be able to make a claim at Dutch citizenship? The Dutch-Canadian love affair further intensified after the war.

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But if there ever was a time or a place to get over it and learn to ride a bike… It was moving to Amsterdam. I wanted to learn as quickly as possible, to avoid as little embarrassment as possible, so I decided to go with the private lesson option. The author has obviously never had a whole Contiki group make fun of them for not knowing how to ride a bike, as an awkward and insecure 20 year old visiting Europe for the first time. I knew there was obviously a chance of rain, so I decided to be sensible and wear my rain jacket.

Especially in this country:

Read Netherlands’s latest and breaking news online. See the most important news in Netherlands today and keep in touch with local and international news relating to Netherlands.

Originally Posted by markinsydney Thai Big Foot: I am amazed by what you say as I have never heard of anything that’s so organised as that ,it’s more like a job than a relationship ,the way we think of relationships in the west. So i’m assuming this is a typical relationship? He mentions how his friend doesn’t support his girlfriend, either. Plus, if they live together, I suspect he pays all the expenses. Thai girls usually marry a Thai man the first time when they’re under She’s under family pressure to get married and have kids.

It usually goes sour when the Thai man starts drinking heavily, maybe beats her or finds a girlfriend. He doesn’t make enough money to support their family, let alone give money to his parents or in-laws. Supporting everyone else is expected. The wife gets tired of the abuse, neglect, adultery and abject poverty and leaves taking the children.

Many times, the husband leaves because he’s tired of her nagging him about everything, and, he probably has a younger girlfriend. These Thai divorcee’s will never marry a Thai man again.

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Queen’s Day in Utrecht, right outside of the apartment I lived in. You’ve got to experience Queen’s Day in Holland – it’s a blast! An American’s Observations about Holland As an American, moving to the Netherlands and living there for almost four years was rewarding but sometimes challenging. Based on my experiences as an American expat, I put together a list of the pros and cons about living in Holland for your reading pleasure.

Somehow I managed to find a fellow Aussie teacher, so at first I was a little weary that he would give me a hard time when I would inevitably fall over, but he was friendly and encouraging from the start.

Traveling with babies The first time we put little baby Y. She is now 17 months and she has been on a total of 8 flights, on short and long distances. I am by no means an expert, but I am a lot more confident now than before that first flight, so I thought it would be handy to put together some tips: It will smell familiar and help your kid adjust to the new environment.

I actually like bringing two, one for a familiar smell in the airplane particularly on long flights and one for the crib once you arrive at destination. A little piece of home will help them transition to the new situation easily. It always manages to soothe the baby to sleep when the time comes. On one of our flights to Mexico we were offered sterilized baby food pots by the airline, eventhough we had our own food.

She was distracted by having something new to try and actually ate it. An extra outfit for the baby, and extra t-shirts for each of the adults traveling with the kid. A pacifier if you use one , favorite toys, water, food for a day. I use my diaper bag as a carry-on, my wallet and passport also go there. Make a small diaper-changing set with everything you need diapers, changing mat, wipes, diaper cream so that you can quickly take it out before each change.

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We list our top favourite expat forum from each country and the big general sites too. It’s a Supper Club dinner crossed with speed dating. The setup’s simple fifteen guys and fifteen girls share dates across three courses meal and. This might be the loneliest country for expats.

I’ve been living in Holland for nearly three years now and one of my favorite things to do is to take day trips around the Netherlands to clear my head. For over two years, I lived in Amsterdam, so my husband and I would take day trips from Amsterdam all around the Netherlands.

As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Due to my role as the elder statesmen of Expat affairs, albeit an unofficial title the shallow man has received the following request. Do you have any experience in online dating in the Netherlands? Do you recommend it? Of course, in order to make sure that the advice I provide is based on real world experience, I sacrificed myself, and actually joined several dating sites and had a number of dates whose results I shall keep to myself while smiling at my screen.

The things I do for my readers! Here are some of the most useful ones!

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