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Getting Started with… Marvel Puzzle Quest

Dark Reign by D3 Publisher. I’m playing it on Android but it is available for other platforms. When playing the single-player missions, there are two kinds of opponent characters: Doom, and other named characters are “villains”.

I recently got Black Bolt 5* and of course I rostered the character I mean who wouldn’t. Despite the max level of any other character of mine.

In the wake of the Iso-8 Outbreak, the super hero community struggles to recover. Taking advantage of the chaos, super villains take control of National Security. Dark Reign follows these events that twist the destinies of both the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe forever. During a fight, your goal is to down all of three opponents on the opposite team, not unlike Ultimate Marvel vs. Level them up with ISO-8 and power up their abilities with their respective comic book covers.

A few real quick notes, due to the confusion that can arise such as naming the different abilities of characters. There are 5 different ranks in the game, represented by the number of stars under a character. Each rank can be trained to a higher level than the previous one, with rank 1, or 1-star, having a cap of 50, and 2-star having a cap of 94, and further up. For each rank, a character of the same name, for example Magneto, can have two different move sets and looks. Magneto has a 2-star variant and a 3-star variant that both have different move sets, with rank-2 Magneto having better board-clearing abilities and rank-3 Magneto being more defensive.

Because of this, Magneto might be described as having two moves that don’t seem to relate to each other. Currently has a tier list constantly updated for both beginners and veteran players.

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Getting the drop on your opponent Once you get enough into Marvel Puzzle Quest that you have a set of heroes with their abilities unlocked and powered up, the game shifts away from being solely about matching tiles to do damage. Past this early stage of the game, most fights boil down into a rush to see who can charge their abilities first.

My 5 quick tip for Marvel Puzzle Quest is about maximizing each and every move to generate the most AP. With some hero teams, the game is over or at least very nearly so once certain abilities charge. Thus, the first half dozen turns or so are absolutely critical. How much AP you generate and of what kinds can make you win or lose.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest is a free-to-play game. There are micro-transactions, but you do not have to buy anything to be good at the game. The currency can be won in events or as rewards during the story portion of the game.

There are layers of strategy and tactics in this superhero spectacular that require a little more thought than your usual puzzle game. Each match offers multiple rewards, and this is the perfect chance to not only hone your skills against easier foes, but to stock up on characters and resources that will prove really helpful later.

Randomly matching tiles may get you through a few tutorial bouts, but to really progress you need to go a bit deeper. Look towards the bottom of the screen first for your match possibilities, as removing tiles there means more will fall and shift across the rest of the screen, potentially making more matches as they go. Getting rid of any special tiles your enemy puts on the board should be your priority.

If they put a countdown tile, or a tile that has a sword, shield, fist or any other icon, you can click on the tile to see what it does and who owns it. Pay close attention to the enemies you face, and the abilities they have, and always be aware of the different strengths and weaknesses of your own line-up. The merc with the mouth offers a daily bonus quest which is a great way to get more characters, along with the vital Iso-8 used to level up your heroes.

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Not an American user? Description Marvel Puzzle Quest borrows the concept of the previous Puzzle Quest games, but with characters from the universe of Marvel comic books, with both heroes and villains. Just like the original game matches are played on a board filled with gems. The player and the opponent take turns to swap a gem’s position to create a match of three of more identical gems, both horizontally or vertically.

The created room is filled with new gems from the top of the board. Matched gems hurt the opponent and a game is played until one of the sides is defeated. The player assembles a team of three Marvel characters. Games are played through a story campaign with new missions unlocked gradually, in ranked matches or tournaments against other human players, or by participating in daily events and activities along with the ability to join an alliance of players.

The game is free-to-play with two currencies. The main currency is Iso-8 to upgrade characters. Hero points are the premium currency mainly used to unlock powers and characters, but they can also be earned during regular gameplay. Both currencies can be bought in-game or through more expensive packs. Other typical free-to-play elements are waiting times for characters to heal or to be revived, and health packs that can be bought in-game, along with boosters and other items.

There is also limited room for characters, so to assemble a large team more room in the roster needs to be bought or unlocked.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest mixes the elements of Puzzle, Match-3, Role-playing, and Superhero. It has both Single and Multiplayer modes and available to play on Windows, Android, and iOS. It is the fourth entry in the series of Puzzle Quests developed by Demiurge Studios.

The game dishes out enemies based on your current roster, so it makes it very important to have the best of the best. Look at yourself as a coach for your own professional sports team. Gone are the days where everyone gets a chance to be a part of the team, you will need to leave that thinking back in Elementary school. If you are going to go far, you are going to have to shape up.

This guide will help detail a handy process of picking and choosing who you keep and who will be sold for much-needed ISO Acknowledge that it will suck at first Unless you plan on actually putting money into this free app, you will have to go through the seven layers of Marvel hell before anything good happens. Even when you pay for those special tokens, it might not give you anything good.

You start out with 1-star Iron Man given to you and after playing for a while you will have a decent 1-star team. But it is still one star. At this stage, the Versus matches are your best friend. It may be difficult but do not pay attention to your score. You will get attacked and you will lose.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest Free Download Full Version PC Game

Published October 7, 4: Read our Marvel Puzzle Quest review. However, fans of the longtime role-playing series or comic books in general should definitely give it a chance, thanks top enjoyable tactics and intense multiplayer action. With this in mind, these tips will put you on the hero’s path to victory.

How do I unlock characters in the game?

Finally, we are releasing Marvel Puzzle Quest you were to pair Puzzle Quest game play and Marvel’s universe this is probably what you would get. This is basically a Puzzle Quest video game with all of the lovable characters from Marvel comic books.

Legacy, where your characters use their attacks and skills according to the matches you make on the board below. The game features a light story-based campaign and asynchronous multiplayer, which means that you fight against CPU-controlled teams of other players. The following tips will help you with this game. Be aware of dynamic difficulty! A very important thing to know about Marvel Puzzle Quest is that the game gets dynamically harder if you win a lot. Thus you should manage this difficulty by using these tips: In PvE events, grind for the most points you can instead of the most wins possible, as points are much more important than racking up wins, making future events much harder.

In PvP events try to follow a similar strategy: When attacking such enemy heroes, try to play defensively by matching defense tiles in the meantime until they go down, then you can dish out all you have on the remaining heroes of the enemy. Make use of physics and AP charges When you first start out, most of your damage will rely simply on matches, but as you progress and train your various heroes, this shifts toward your charged abilities.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest. I do like Puzzle Quest and the Bejeweled series. shame that no other game have used the mechanic of matching like that game. Only the boss fights were pointless/annoying. Didnt know it made to PC, if it had more replayability i would definitely play it all over again.

Customer Reviews Puzzle Quest is rated 4. There are free add-ons to this game that make it twice as long with twice as much to choose from but, even if you cant find them, this game plays the same way, though never having to play out the same. Everything is about the life affecting choices you make when you play. You choose your own destiny with a few possible successful endings, none of which mean your character can’t keep playing.

There are knights guilds to join, as well. You can play alone or against friends. You also get to choose, unless you make a mistake and lose their offer of friendship, which A I character friends you carry with you at any given time, after each is introduced to you, along the way. There are a variety of ways to make money and a lot of advancements to buy, as well as little objects. There are many different mini-games and exercises that advance the character or your kingdom.

The game play starts out at a very low level but higher level characters have more exciting skills to show off and high stakes. The storyline is full of romance, adventure, and intrigue.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign gameplay and review