Formation[ change change source ] In May , in a Hallyu business seminar, which was held at Stanford University , Lee Soo-man talked about strategies for “create a new boyband where they will be divided in two subgroups and the promotion of the same song simultaneously in South Korea and China , that is, with one interpretation of the language Korean and Mandarin. The two subunits promoted the album separately in two countries. EXO recorded the single main “Wolf” but the rest of the songs they recorded them separately. The two versions collectively ranked number 1 in Billboard World Albums Chart a week after its release. The single reissue, “Growl”, was released on August 1, In December , two versions of XOXO, sold 1, , copies, [26] marking to EXO as the first Korean artist to sell a million copies in twelve years and broke the record for being sold faster K-pop act. Countdown , 5 December. Luhan also joined the trio on stage for the promotions of the first single on other music programs. EXO ended with six annual albums in the Top 10 best-selling albums of Gaon, including all their releases of records, both in the Korean version in mandarin, as well as their first EP Mama. Overdose, lawsuit of Kris and Luhan and first tour[ change change source ] Main article:

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Originally posted by yeollovemebaek You were currently bubbling with excitement as you skipped down the block and turned into the lobby of your apartment building. Today was Friday and you and your boyfriend were planning on spending the weekend together with no interruptions between the two of you. No work calls for you, no calls from the other EXO members of his manager, and more importantly, no interaction with the outside world.

Yes, You knew that Chanyeol loved his fans and you loved your friends as well, however the two of you were tired of being constantly tugged away from each other and pulled into other social interactions.

[message] ★ Sinopsis EXO NEXT DOOR es un mini drama. Cuenta la historia de Yeon Hee, una chica extremadamente tímida con los chicos, que no puede evitar ponerse roja y ser incapaz de pronunciar palabras cuando se trata de un chico que le s miembros del grupo EXO se mudan a la casa de al lado. ¿Qué historias sucederán entre Yeon Hee y EXO?

On the border between Played Straight and Played for Drama. Yeon-hee’s first few encounters with the group are on the verge of Cringe Fuel, ranging from her doing a Spit Take in his face upon their first meeting, to her almost destroying his room full of instruments, in which she wasn’t supposed to be in the first place, chasing a cockroach. Chanyeol doesn’t take kindly to Yeon-hee referring to her high school crush Min-hwan as her first love and reminds her that it was himself, not Min-hwan.

Yeon-hee doesn’t remember Chanyeol until he spells it out for her directly in episode She defends herself by claiming that she wouldn’t have fathomed her childhood friend growing up to be Park Chanyeol. Both Chanyeol and D. He seemingly plays this up during his first time around the house. Of all people, Chanyeol, at least for the first half of the series. Lampshaded by Yeon-hee when she murmurs to herself about how he normally seems so gleeful.

Being under so much stress turns Chanyeol into this to the point where he yells at Sehun and D.

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Tao might be the last one to notice that something was wrong. He rarely shared his problems with you. But this time it was different.

Park Chanyeol This is a Korean name ; the family name is Park. Park Chan-yeol (born November 27, ), [1] better known mononymously as Chanyeol, is a .

Hye-jung is super smart and rich, but struggles with some real daddy issues that have led her to become a prolific sugar baby, dating rich older men. Sun-hee is such a typical teen girl: It also really gets into the truth of teen pregnancy and, later, teen motherhood. It also features a ton of multifaceted, interesting female characters all pursuing their individual dreams.

It is a beautiful, bittersweet story of ill-fated young love — the best and most painful stories to tell. And it features the best and most relatable of all the movie monsters— the romantic werewolf. The film begins in the modern day: Kim Sun-yi has traveled with her granddaughter back to Korea to sell her childhood home. When she arrives, she remembers her time spent there as a chronically-ill teenager — particularly a darling feral boy named Chul-soo she and her mother discovered living in the surrounding woods and adopted into the family.

Song Joong-ki gives a fantastic performance as the sympathetic wolf boy with huge, expressive eyes. Those last 20 minutes will knock you on your ass. Romance, Comedy, Drama, Thriller Episodes:

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Exo Next Door screencaps It’s not easy to be a fan of your favorite band. Especially if you do not have the audacity, resourcefulness and punchy character. So you can never see the idols.

Exo Next Door Ji Yeon-hee is an extremely shy, introverted year-old girl with zero dating experience and a tendency to blush when talking to someone she likes. One day, four young men move into the house right next door to Yeon-hee’s home, and to her surprise, they turn out to be Chanyeol, D.O, Baekhyun and Sehun from her favorite boy band Exo, who.

You can send in requests. I also have an Wattpad account and you can read imagines there too. You giggled and squealed into the pillow. You were finally acknowledged and able to produce music of your own for famous artists to sing! SM Entertainment had emailed you a moment ago. Dear Full Name , We have seen your audition video and think you are and will indeed be a great producer and addition to the entertainment company.

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With typical hangover regret, he checks his phone and finds six missed calls from Director Ryu. He figures he is doomed. But Director Ryu left a message:

Apr 25,  · Yeon Hee ga sanggup menjawab. Ia bertanya-tanya dalam hati bagaimana Chanyeol tahu namanya. Chanyeol seperti membaca pikiran Yeon Hee. Apa aku terlihat bodoh sampai tidak tahu nama pekerjaku sendiri, tanya Chanyeol.

He would follow you around non-stop. Making sure you were in his sight at all times. When you came back, his eyes would light up and be by your side like before. God this pup would be running around like he had more than enough to spare. It would take you a few scoldings to finally settle him down at night, once it got through his skull, he would be out like a light.

He would be quite serious for just being a pup.

Park Chanyeol

The seats were created in hi-tech rapid prototyping machines which ‘print’ solid objects layer by layer over the course of 24 hours. BMW use the machines extensively in car design, creating 50, prototypes per year for use in tests. The seats are crafted from a super-flexible material called Duraform EX. Levelling the playing field – or conferring an unfair advantage? And during his defeat this week, he accused Alan Oliveira of winning due to his extra-extended springs.

Jeu exo dating exo dating door game game jeux de r le jeux d’aventure jouer d s maintenant et gratuitement ce teacher, Miss Stimson, came along with a motor car and carried both my daughters away on a whirling.

More you might like Anonymous asked: Hi for the love triangle scenario can I get one of V and Rapmon to the song back by infinite? The preferable outcome would be V winning the readers heart but either way works! The word I suppose can be “memory” it’s OK if you’re to busy to do this! Sorry, this is extremely long, but I was totally feeling this while writing it.

Everything after that was just excuses. He had already said that he was done with you. What more was there to listen to? What more of an explanation did he need to tell you?

“EXO Next Door” receives over 5 million hits in under 12 hours

Mobil itu tampak mencurigakan. Termasuk penumpang di dalamnya. Seseorang dari mereka berkata mobil ini terlalu menarik banyak perhatian. Mereka harus bergerak diam-diam. Tiba-tiba mobil itu berhenti. Beberapa pria dengan setelan hitam serta memakai penutup kepala turun dari mobil itu.

️‍EXO~ Dating Door Game I (outfit) ️‍ Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Post has attachment. EXO THE ONLY GROUP WITH 24 DAESANGS LEGENDS ONLY. Public Mar 28, EXO D.O. SO CUTE (AWW BBY) Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Post has attachment.

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